Geelong’s FREE Bee Removal & Pollination Service.

Don’t call an expensive exterminator, call US! Our friendly beekeepers will remove the swarm for FREE and relocate them to a more suitable home where they can keep doing what bees do best!

Geelong's FREE Bee Swarm Removal & Backyard Pollination Service

Bee Sauce's
 Backyard Box

 Like the idea of keeping bees but don’t know where to start? We can help!  Our backyard Box option takes the maintenance out of keeping bees and will have you eating honey right from your very own back yard.

Help us save these amazing little guys, be the solution!

Bee Sauce’s bees are happily settled around Geelong and the Otways and produce the sweetest raw honey around.

Honey From Your OWN Backyard!

Imagine watching your own bees make your own unique honey from your OWN flowers! Why not get a Bee Sauce Backyard Box and let us do all the hard work!. Call us today on 0433 684 447 to find out more

Need a Queen Bee?

Looking for a Queen PRONTO!? We more than likely have a couple. We regularly rear young Caniolan queens to ensure our Backyard Boxes have the calmest and most productive bees possible, depending on the time of the year we may be able to help out!

Extractor Hire

Need an extractor to extract that golden goodness yourself? Call us today and we can deliver it right to our doorstep.

Honey and Comb Sales

Our bees are strategically placed around Geelong and the Great Ocean Road to ensure a high standard of tasty honey is produced. We cold extract our honey the old fashioned way to ensure all the good stuff stays intact.